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843587_30393639The moment I finish eating, the dog leaves. Her companionship last as long as the sandwich.

So too our prayer life is often one of chasing gifts, not the Giver. Then forgetting God once we have eaten and become satisfied.


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Resource: This sermon, by Terry Virgo, will likely change how you view prayer. If it does not change you, it will refresh your commitment to prayer.

John Piper pointed me to the sermon via twitter: “I have just watched a sermon on prayer by Terry Virgo that will alter my year. I recommend it.”

I’ve listened to it twice today now. It is indeed a year-altering message from God’s word.

Watch the video or download the audio by clicking here. Note: video is in two parts, so be sure to click the link to the second video after finishing the first. Total running time for audio/video:  52 minutes.

If you are desperate for a powerful prayer life, and hungry for further teaching, here is another sermon worth listening to, by Piper.

I pray the Spirit teaches you through these men, kindling a passion for God and coming to Him in prayer.

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Colombia bound

1146878_80379220Prayer warriors, we request your support again. In a few hours a small team will fly out for Colombia to train a large gathering of youth at a local church. The focus is on decision making, which means bringing the gospel of grace to bear on the issue, pointing our hearts to Christ Jesus our Lord who alone is able to transform our hearts to seek the Lord in all decisions.
It is not a lengthy trip, but because we are partnered with nationals in the country who are already working to train small group leaders, the stay need not be long for the Spirit to work.

Please pray “that words may be given to us in opening ours mouths boldly to proclaim the mystery of the gospel, for which we are ambassadors, that we may declare it boldly, as we ought to speak.”

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powerful_prayer_t_notextDear readers,
For the next 3 days, God’s glory will be displayed as His name is proclaimed by the mouths of children in daycares. For the past year, I have had the privilege to work with a group of children (ages 7 to 13), training them to share their faith. The staff team has put in many hours with the children, and their parents have put in many more as the children do parent-child work at home, memorizing scripture and working through homework from Children Desiring God.

Will you please pray for us as we go out to share the gospel in daycares for the next three days? We need the Holy Spirit to work in hearts, even our own hearts, for God’s glory as we witness. The staff team of 6 need strength and wisdom. Our heart’s cry is to model for the children a God-centered view of missions; will you join with us in prayer? Hundreds of kids will hear the gospel of Christ Jesus proclaimed.

Please send this prayer request on to any prayer warriors you know. We don’t just ask for your prayer. We plead for you to pray. We plead with you to pray Scripture for us. The power of prayer to move God is undeniable. I’d love to know how many of you are praying for us, it will be an encouragement for our staff and children. Thank you all.

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