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Resource: This sermon, by Terry Virgo, will likely change how you view prayer. If it does not change you, it will refresh your commitment to prayer.

John Piper pointed me to the sermon via twitter: “I have just watched a sermon on prayer by Terry Virgo that will alter my year. I recommend it.”

I’ve listened to it twice today now. It is indeed a year-altering message from God’s word.

Watch the video or download the audio by clicking here. Note: video is in two parts, so be sure to click the link to the second video after finishing the first. Total running time for audio/video:  52 minutes.

If you are desperate for a powerful prayer life, and hungry for further teaching, here is another sermon worth listening to, by Piper.

I pray the Spirit teaches you through these men, kindling a passion for God and coming to Him in prayer.


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Here are a few videos, John Piper related. I highly recommend each, as they are short yet powerful.

What is your retirement dream? Advice you won’t regret hearing:

The reason why we need to be part of a small group meeting purposefully:

God is dangerous apart from Jesus Christ:

We need the gospel every day:

A song the builds powerfully, with Piper preaching at the end:

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Treasuring Christ

This is a powerful and concise summation of the message Piper passionately delivers. 3 minutes, and worth much more.

Tell me if you are moved by that as much as I was.

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human-errorIn less about 2 minutes, this video defends the reliability of the Bible by showing the error is using “humans make mistakes” as an attack on Biblical inerrancy.

Cleck here for video

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436457_76267196In less than 2 minutes, this video defends the reliability of the Bible by showing that translation corruption is a misguided attack.

Cleck here for video

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Story of Job

John Piper wrote a series of poems on the story of Job, and recently published them in a book. If you follow the link below, you can download Piper reading the poems. If you enjoy listening to books and have time, I recommend this. Piper’s reading is moving to listen to.


If you just want a taste of the reading, watch this video (condensed version of the poems), it also shows some of the illustrations:

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